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Did you know we offer a cider, seltzer, and a 0.5% beer?!

Ashton Brewing Company

113 Old Mill Rd, Ashton, ON

Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm (in person)

*Holidays may affect these hours, please check our social media.

We open ferment our beer, keeping our yeast healthy and happy!


Ashton Brewing Company

Against the banks of the Jock River, in the heart of the Ottawa Valley – joined with renowned Brew Master and friend, Lorne Hart, The Ashton Brewery was brought to life. 2011 saw the birth of our flagship beer, The Amber Ale. Our brewery is one of a few breweries in North America that practices open fermentation. The traditional way beer was produced for centuries and is still common in Germany, Belgium, and the UK. We are generations into our original Ringwood yeast, and over the years it has developed into a great house yeast that is unique to Ashton Brewing Company. As of 2023, we have brewed over 3000 batches of beer with over 20 brands in our portfolio. You can enjoy an Ashton Ale in a wide range of establishments in and around the Ottawa valley and throughout Eastern Ontario.

What's New

East Coast IPA and our Black Cherry Lemonade Radler!

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A tradition of crafting pub ales.

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Ashton Brewing Co.


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